Diaphragm & Rubber Sealing Products


[INQ. NO. 2108M15] INEM Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing rubber sealing products such as diaphragms, o-rings, gaskets, etc., all of which are core parts used for industrial devices operated in extreme environments, based on the rubber material mixing method developed independently after starting the development of radiation-resistant diaphragms used for nuclear power plants.
INEM’s Diaphragm is an extruded product made with a combination of various rubber materials and special fibers. It is used as a core part to control the flow of fluid when installed in control valves and pumps. The company has developed technology for selecting proper raw materials suitable to different circumstances, and for designing products considering various types of devices into which diaphragms are mounted. The company is also working hard to provide customized products so as to address end-user issues and meet their needs.

Diaphragm & Rubber Sealing Products

Rubber Sealing Products & Other Rubber-based Components
In addition, INEM’s rubber sealing products and other rubber-based components show reliable performance and durability even when used with chemical products, and at low temperature or under other special conditions. They are used for industrial machinery, plant facilities, heavy equipment, defense industries, power plants, etc.
The rubber component manufacturer has established business ties with renowned local companies, and global companies located in European and Asian nations including Germany, Canada, Turkey, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc., and is striving to grow further by expanding such relations with partners in other countries worldwide.

Diaphragm & Rubber Sealing Products

For the past ten years, INEM has developed technology related to special-purpose rubber products in Korea, which was considered as a barren land for rubber-based products. And the company’s technical reliability has been recognized while competing with renowned companies in the global market.
Thanks to the R&D center that is able to measure various performances of products and its own smart factory system, the company guarantees more systemic production management and verified durability performance and satisfies any industries.

Diaphragm & Rubber Sealing Products

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