High-Speed Digital Printing Metal


[INQ. NO. 2108M16] AJU Steel, which succeeded in mass-producing the world’s first roll-to-roll high-speed digital printing in 2020, is producing 200,000 tons of premium pre-coated metal and digital printing metal per year.
Equipped with high technologies and qualities, AJU Steel supplies home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators and materials for construction with various color patterns at reasonable prices.
AJU Steel’s Atex brand, which seeks new value creation and innovation for customers, makes the monotonous metal surface more colorful and lively through advanced scanning technologies and high-speed digital printing technologies.

High-Speed Digital Printing Metal

Furthermore, Zinc-Magnesium-Aluminum (Zn, Mg, Al) ternary alloy plated steel metals were applied to achieve high corrosion resistance and high weather resistance by using high tech paint technologies.

High-Speed Digital Printing Metal

Atex’s products consist of Atex wallsteel, Atex glass, Atex louver, Atex door, and Atex elevator. Atex wallsteel can produce unlimited size in roll to roll patterns and can be digitally printed by customizing the colors, patterns, and images that consumers want. It can make various materials such as wood, stone, cement, tile, and can surely express various images such as hand drawing.

High-Speed Digital Printing Metal

Atex products are applied to a variety of architectural areas, including design innovations in industrial complexes called gray belts, interior and exterior walls of modular houses, stone from bathroom, marble, wood, fabric sensation, glass whiteboards collaborated with Corning’s, and elevator decoration panels.

High-Speed Digital Printing Metal

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