Building Materials

[INQ. NO. 2108M24] BYUCKSAN Corporation, as a leading comprehensive construction material company in Korea, is manufacturing and selling a number of construction materials including ISOPINK (XPS Board), non-combustible inorganic insulators like mineral wool and glass wool, ceiling materials, floor materials and exterior building materials — to take the lead in the relevant markets.
BYUCKSAN supplies ISOPINK, glass wool, mineral wool and BACE panels as its representative products.
ISOPINK is an extrusion method foam insulator, boasting the best quality in Korea. The foam insulator product comes in the company’s own standard size of 900x1800mm but can be manufactured in various thicknesses and sizes according to customers’ requests.

Building Materials

BYUCKSAN’s eco-friendly non-combustible materials such as glass wool and mineral wool, all of which are inorganic insulators, are outstanding in their performance, and can be manufactured in various sizes to meet customers’ diverse needs.
As the global demand for non-combustible materials increases, BYUCKSAN’s glass wool and mineral wool are gaining global attention.
In addition, the company’s BACE Panel, an extruded cement panel, is an exterior building panel well-received in Korea and abroad. Its unique and excellent plastering feature allows the expression of various construction finishes.

Building Materials

BYUCKSAN’s products boast unrivaled quality compared with other major counterparts and offer price-competitiveness as well. Moreover, BYUCKSAN provides the best service for its customers.
As a leading construction materials provider in Korea, BYUCKSAN is advancing into overseas markets.
BYUCKSAN, as a customer-friendly company that maintains long-lasting partnerships with customers once building ties with them, is currently exporting and expanding sales to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and other Northeast and Southeast Asian nations.

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