Automotive Wipers

[INQ. NO. 2108M23] Ever since its establishment in 1995, CAP has made every effort to provide high-quality, durable wiper blades under the name of either VIEWMAX, its own brand, or those of its customers.
CAP recently achieved cost-efficiency and production flexibility by establishing its Vietnam plant. Starting its operation in late 2020, it has achieved better competitiveness in terms of both price and quality. It is as big as six soccer fields, and is equipped with new machinery and an environmentally friendly facility. The plant soon became fully operational and has now reached its expected capacity.
CAP’s representative product line manufactured in the plant includes the following: CR22 for conventional wipers, NF1 for flat wipers, and NH1 for hybrid wipers.
CAP has customers buying them already but it believes that their benefits have not yet been well-promoted internationally.

Automotive Wipers

As the most universal type of wiper blade, its representative conventional wiper CR22 boasts reliable performance. CAP can diversify the product specifications by applying different types of wiper rubbers between NR and CR and the frame materials.
NF1, its newly launched beam type wiper, has its aerodynamic performance maximized through its asymmetric structure. It is accompanied with various exact-to-fit adaptors for almost all wiper arms. More importantly, the curvature of the body achieves optimal contact on the windshield and it ensures the wiping performance.
Hybrid Wiper, NH1, consisting of steel frames and plastic covers over them not only enhances its premium image but also delivers good durability. Its multi-applied adaptor has widened its arm coverage by as many as eight types. It is also recommended for luxurious vehicle users.

Automotive Wipers

Since they have been provided to multiple customers worldwide, their performance and quality are considered well-verified, which helps potential customers make reasonable choices on their wipers.
Last but not least, with one-third of its office personnel involved in R&D, the company pays special attention to developing new products as well as enhancing the product quality. It is performed either according to customers’ requests, or internal suggestions as a way of promoting sustainable growth.

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