Welding Consumables


[INQ. NO. 2108M22] Since its establishment, KISWEL LTD. has earned the trust of its customers by focusing solely on welding consumables for over 50 years.
With large advancements seen through global network expansion, acquirement of more than required certifications, numerous collaborations, and large sales growth, KISWEL’s trademark elephant logo can today be seen in 120 countries.
Electrodes, solid wires, submerged arc-welding, flux cored wire, MIG, TIG, and special alloy welding wires of KISWEL are used in the core industries such as the automotive, heavy industries, shipbuilding and offshore, construction and power generation industries.

Welding Consumables

Low slag solid wire KC-37
Recently, KISWEL has been following the trends of the automobile industry where regulations on fuel efficiency are being strengthened.
Accordingly, next to the development of low slag solid wire KC-37 for welding thin and light high-strength steel, advanced high-strength steel (AHSS), and KC-37S with price competitiveness were further developed.
Slag generation has been reduced compared to conventional products, resulting in fine dispersion. By replacing the Si component, with other components, the glass slag has been significantly reduced, as well as slag removal work, and prevention of gradation of corrosion resistance has been achieved due to slag peel-off after painting.
The image on the left shows the corrosion test results on painted car parts after galvanized steel plate welding. To accelerate corrosion, heat shocks are kept at -40 ° C and 85 ° C for 30 minutes, respectively, and then immersed in brine and dried for 12 to 24 hours. It can be confirmed that they are superior in corrosion resistance compared to other existing products.

Welding Consumables

This is a product that solves the corrosion problem of the painted area that occurs due to residual slag during solid welding widely used in the automobile industry and is receiving favorable reviews by customers.

Welding Consumables

Global location
KISWEL has established production sites in China, the USA and Malaysia. Also, it has sales offices in the USA, Japan, China, and Malaysia − in addition to locating branch offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the UAE, Luxembourg and Mexico.

Welding Consumables

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