Hydraulic Parts


[INQ. NO. 2109M06] Sungbo P&T Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of hydraulic parts used for construction equipment, is providing products to leading customers around the world through machine-part-related technical expertise prowess it has built up over 45 years.
As for track devices, swing devices and swivel joints, which are the company’s main products used for construction equipment, it has established a comprehensive lineup, ranging from small-sized to large-sized ones.
The manufacturer’s hydraulic parts are outstanding in terms of durability, reliability, convenient maintainability and price competitiveness, helping to form continuous partnerships with construction machine makers of excavators, cranes and pile drivers.

Track Device
The track device, one of the company’s main products, is highly efficient and is equipped with an auto throttle, a hydraulic mechanical brake, and a relief valve used to absorb shocks when starting and stopping a machine. It also has both durability and maintainability, thanks to the floating seal used to prevent the inflow of foreign substances, and the housing-structured design and the ring gear are intensified through high-frequency heat treatment.

Hydraulic Parts

Swing Device
A swing device, another main product of the manufacturer, is equipped with a time-delay valve and a relief valve used to absorb shocks when starting and stopping a machine so as to maximize convenience and stability for end users. It is also designed to secure high mechanical efficiency and durability. And relevant decelerators and motors have their own lubrication structures.
Sungbo P&T has established its own research institute to continue R&D investments. And the manufacturer is striving to become a general parts maker for construction machines such as bent axis piston motors, axles, etc.
Based on stable production lines, quality systems and R&D capabilities, the company has been supplying high-quality products with competitive prices to leading construction makers in Japan, Korea, China, and Europe.

Hydraulic Parts

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