Food Waste Processors

[INQ. NO. 2109M21] ENVICE is a company specialized in manufacturing and providing furniture, food waste disposers, etc., with the aim of seeking convenience and happiness in people’s daily lives lives based on company-wide quality management.
The food waste disposer of E5A-05K is equipped with devices based on automated response sensors to detect overloading and overheating. It has a sterilization function at around 130°C and a trap to prevent the backflow of food waste odors.
It can crush food waste into something like sawdust for its collection, storage and recycling.
One of its major features is not to create leachate. The model can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It has adopted a dry pulverization method based on a chain scraper. It takes about six hours to complete the whole process. It weighs 93kg with a capacity of 5kg, consuming 1.3KW per hour at the most.
The food waste disposer of R7-C is designed for domestic use and based on a dry pulverization method, weighing 14kg. There is no need to replace the filter and it does not create leachate.
The food waste disposer of B7-C is designed for domestic use and based on a dry pulverization method, weighing 27kg.

Food Waste Processors

The model is capable of handling 1kg of food waste within about two hours. This product is a heat-resisting ABS/built-in sterilizing dryer. It is installed by connecting its dedicated discharger to the middle of the hose under the existing sink in order for the waste water to be eliminated through the drain pipe. It is essential to check the ventilation of the drainpipe by using its own tester in advance. It can be also installed in areas other than an inside sink as long as it is connected to the drainpipe.

Food Waste Processors

The company’s domestic-use food waste disposers have been supplied to major domestic constructors including Halla, Daewoo, etc., and to major apartment complexes in the capital area. In 2010, they were exported to Japan, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Food Waste Processors

ENVICE spares no efforts in strengthening its competitiveness in the rapidly changing global market and to enhance customer satisfaction by taking the lead in creating value and a new living culture based on its hands-on management.

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