Pipe Couplings & Pipe Repair Clamp Joints


[INQ. NO. 2109M22] YOUNGNAM metal Co., Ltd. has 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of stainless and plastic pipe coupling & pipe repair clamp joints.
The company’s technical capacity in this field has been highly appraised by many of our clients and other parties, not only for the comprehensive application, but also for significant cost savings.
The YN-coupling joints, because of their great flexibility and economy are steadily replacing the flanged pipe joints nowadays from various industrial plants to vessels.
These YN-coupling joints are not only designed to reduce welding costs, but also to prevent any linear expansion and deflection of the pipes caused by welding repairs.

Pipe Couplings & Pipe Repair Clamp Joints
Pipe Couplings & Pipe Repair Clamp Joints

(Pipe connector with axial restraint)

The YOUNGNAM’s grip couplings join plain end pipes with axial restraint. YOUNGNAM’s grip couplings provide pull-out resistance in excess of the couplings rated working pressure.
Whether for pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, the YN-GRIP-couplings are installed quickly, safely, and economically.

Pipe Couplings & Pipe Repair Clamp Joints

Repair Clamp Hinge Type

The YN-repair hinge is a split-in-half coupling, and an open-split version of multi flex, offering all the YOUNGNAM’s repair hinge benefits, plus being able to make repairs to in-service pipelines.
With the YOUNGNAM’s repair hinge coupling, leaks due to faulty weld joints, pitting holes and short cracks can be temporarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time.

Pipe Couplings & Pipe Repair Clamp Joints

Fire Protect Cover Grip Type

Fire protection cover grip ring pipe couplings FPC GR-S (DN20-DN350) withstand fire better than regular couplings. Couplings are suitable to be used with metal pipes and are suitable for engine room applications on ships.
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