Multidisciplinary Hybrid Production Systems

[INQ. NO. 2109M25] Dynamic Motion Technology (DMT) leads Industry 4.0 and provides optimal solutions and excellent customer-specific quality maintenance and management services required by production sites. It is based on the core technology of industrial robots, and long-established on-site.
DMT has successfully introduced a wider range of automated systems with high-speed, high-precision, and high-load robust durability with its own patented technology.
DMT mainly produces five models of its gantry robot system, and over 50 models of its gripper system & tool changer with its own patented technology. The DMT linear motor available in six product models has excellent functions such as high-precision, high-response, and high-speed operation with a structure without magnetic force in the stator. It is a proprietary patent technology and cost-effective with its non-magnetic structure, unlike other linear motor brands. This linear motor can be applied to various manufacturing environments.
Finally, the field responsiveness is also excellent, in that it is available in various product lines including process-optimized multi-joint robot systems suitable for multi-species, small-volume manufacturing methods that have changed under the 3D process and the 4th-industrial revolution.

Multidisciplinary Hybrid Production Systems

In recognition of quality and durability, domestic automobile manufacturers Hyundai, GM Korea, Renault, and machine-tool makers Hyundai Wia, Doosan Heavy Industries and SMAC, were supplied with the gantry system 1st automation band.
For overseas markets, DMT has been recognized for quality by supplying its system to Nissan, Renault Motors, Guangzhou Motors, and Toyota Motors in China.
Also, DMT supplies its systems for engines and mission processes in the Chinese automotive market in collaboration with LG MAZAK, and supply clients in Japan, India and Brazil in the global market.
The various robots developed by DMT are competitive in performance, service and price, and are gaining trust from various parties by supplying factory automation systems to various production sites. In addition to developing high-functionality of existing technologies, DMT focus on the optimal multi-joint robot for small-volume production, and electric grippers that serve as end effectors of robots.

Multidisciplinary Hybrid Production Systems

In the robot industry, ‘Challenge and Creative spirit’ is very important as DMT’s slogan. DMT will be the best partner for the the company’s robot industry development, and innovative technologies to help it stand out as a recognized global robot brand company globally. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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