Polyurethane System & PU Foaming Machine


[INQ. NO. 2109M24] DAEJIN PHYSICS AND CHEMICAL’s polyurethane system, for automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial air-cleaners, now under production, is available as a custom-made product satisfying 100% of a customer’s specifications through technology development based on 30 years of export experience in this field.
Besides, the company is providing quality raw materials to clients all over the world through stable and steady raw material supply by way of a representative contract with the Korea BASF.
The company can provide whatever technological specification of the filter compound molding (semi-rigid foam) a customer may require based on years of export experience, and can arrange any production to be ready within a week thanks to our updated facilities for prompt delivery of the product to a customer.
The company provides any specification that meets a customer’s requirements by blending the quality raw material from the Korea BASF with unique technology, and offer lots of advice on raw material supply and production line to filter manufacturers around the world.

Polyurethane System & PU Foaming Machine

The company’s products are now being supplied to global automobile parts companies like MANN+HUMMEL, MAHLE, LEEHAN after passing their rigid and high-quality standards, which gives a good indication of the technology and quality of its products.
The company’s PU foaming machine is manufactured in a circulation method of two pure liquids, polyol and isocyanate, and all of the PU foaming machines are available for precision control (selection of hot and cold control) of an individual liquid temperature in a feed stock and curing agents, and are providing high efficiency in mixing by using the mixing head with the company’s unique specification.

Polyurethane System & PU Foaming Machine

The company’s PU foaming machines are equipped with the haight metering pump of Baker Manufacturing Co. of the USA for chemical (Urethane), and it adds one more set of the feed stock tank, so it can make a product in another color.

Polyurethane System & PU Foaming Machine

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