AMI-integrated Smart EV Charging Outlet

[INQ. NO. 2110M18] ChargeCon® is a plug-in electric vehicle level-1 charging solution for private homes, communal buildings, and shared parking spaces.
It has built-in LPWAN-IoT communications and electricity metering functions, which allows it to operate as an advanced metering Infrastructure. ChargeCon® can be set to separate PEVs from other electric appliances for differential service fees, by analyzing the electronic signature of PEV charging.
Unlike conventional EV charging stations, ChargeCon® supports all plug types of different plug-in vehicles, from Tesla, SAE J1772 to Type-2 charging plugs. ChargeCon® can also charge plug-in hybrid electric vehicles without speed limitations.
In countries with 220VAC standard, ChargeCon® supports EV charging speed up to 3.5kW. The outlet temperature, current and voltage are monitored 24/7 in real-time for safe EV charging.

AMI-integrated Smart EV Charging Outlet

The product can be set to collect service fee for individual electricity usage from the outlet with an RFID reader module, and users can easily check their payment and usage history on the APP. ChargeCon® has been designated as Korea’s National Regulation Innovation Technology in 2019 and Korea National Procurement Agency Innovative Product in 2020.
In Korea, local governments and public agencies are leading the adoption of the product while there is rapidly increasing demand for the charging solutions from PEV owners. The product can also be supplied to EV charging service providers as a low-cost charging infrastructure for residence PEV charging.

AMI-integrated Smart EV Charging Outlet

Chargecon® is designed to be 100% compatible with conventional electric outlets. A simple replacement of any electric outlet is all it takes to install the charging station.
Connected to the grid, the product immediately connects to the communications network and operates as a charging station. Electricity usage of the product is remotely metered, and can be deducted from the building electric utility bill by prior arrangement with the power company.

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