Electronic Parking Brake System


[INQ. NO. 2110M19] The rear brake structure of recently released vehicles is based on the electronic parking brake system, which is different from the existing wire type, and cannot be purchased aftermarket brakes. To address this issue, STOLZ has put its own technology into developing its EPB rear 4-piston brake system.
As a product developed for large-sized SUVs and high-performance vehicles, FEX 8-piston large calipers and 405mm rotors are installed in the front wheels and FEX 4-piston calipers and 380mm rotors are used for the rear wheels.
Thanks to the 3D precise designing technology, each of the brakes is manufactured only for their own vehicles. The bracket structure optimized for compatibility is designed to be applied to rear EPB vehicles by simply changing brackets.

Electronic Parking Brake System

The caliper is made of lightweight materials based on forged aluminum alloy and is precisely cut with the innovative MCT equipment into STOLZ’s unique designs. And the disc rotor is based on the 2-piece combination between high-performance lightweight plates that include patented ventilation-structured carbons, and the aluminum housing, so as to improve the most important factors in the braking performance such as lightweight and heat-radiation (heat-release) effects.

Electronic Parking Brake System

STOLZ Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and sells aftermarket calipers made of forged aluminum with its own technology developed for over 18 years in relation with automobile brake systems.
Thanks to its own expertise accumulated for many years regarding car brake systems, the company is now able to directly guide all processes needed to manufacture overall brake systems including product planning, designing, machining and selling.

Electronic Parking Brake System

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