High-Pressure Band


[INQ. NO. 2110M16] Seo Kwang Industry was established in 1987 as a company that manufactures metal-processed goods.
In the early stages, the company mainly produced parts used for writing instruments. In 2013, it started to provide parts for the shipbuilding sector after developing pin-type stainless cable ties with clamping force enhanced.
A high-pressure band is a hose clamp used to tie up hoses connected to flow fluids or gases in various industrial fields including marine shipbuilding, plants, aviation, heavy industries, automobiles, heavy equipment, and power plants.
This product is a high-pressure hose clamp with the tensile and coupling force improved thanks to the technical development of a ratchet-structured gear system that can be used even in high-temperature, high-pressure and vibrating environments.

High-Pressure Band

The high-pressure band is thin (0.3mm) but provides intensive tensile force (450kgf). It is not needed to process screw threads onto the band. And any length can be manufactured as there is no limit.
By processing tilt angles on the edge of the band, it can leave the covers of hoses, wires or laggings undamaged, while retaining the excellent clamping force.
Once coupled, the high-pressure band stays tightened permanently without getting loosened from external impacts. However, it is also possible for a worker to untie it easily.

High-Pressure Band

The president of the company remarked, “As the global economic environment changes day by day, Seo Kwang Industry will respond promptly to strengthening its global competitiveness as demanded by the times, and we will endeavor to make steady progress and sustainable growth in any situation.”

High-Pressure Band

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