Doorlock Handles for Wooden Doors

[INQ. NO. 2110M15] Bplan manufactures security items including tubular lock, cylindrical lock, integral lock and mortise lock. The main items are for wooden door but Bplan has produced locks for fire doors too.
There are two brands, Bplan and AFAC. All of the employees working for this global door hardware company have at least 5~25 years experience in the door lock market.
Bplan is recognized as being among the top-five in the door lock market in South Korea.
Bplan supplies its products to large construction companies and retail stores including the residential market. And now, Bplan attempts to expand the scope of its market to export to the commercial market.
The design of the Bplan model connects all the necessary elements with the smallest possible thickness following a fluid line. In its opinion clean, simple lines, elegance, and a sense of proportion are the characteristics that allow a product to adapt to changes in fashion and remain always modern and fresh.

Doorlock Handles for Wooden Doors

As the field of design and the notion of creativity continue to expand and change, Bplan seeks to create a space for a dialogue about supporting the creative process, ethical design and designing a future that all want to be a part of.
Finally, Bplan has developed the finish which does not rust easily by using ED coating. The finish of some items is produced by a special process as acrylic anionic electro deposition coating. It has passed salt spray tests of over 200 hrs, thus proving its utility for bathroom or other humid spaces.

Doorlock Handles for Wooden Doors

The acrylic anionic electro deposition coating process is well known for its use in the covers of mobile phone cases and the outer casings of home appliances. It is suitable on 35~45mm door thickness and the backset is 60mm or 70mm. If customers need other specifications, Bplan can supply them.

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