Gas Safety Products

LPG/LNG Gas Regulator
[INQ. NO. 2110M30] HWAYOUNG’s regulators are designed and produced in Korea. HWAYOUNG’s products offer superior performance and durability under any conditions. And they have a function that regulates vaporized LPG/LNG gas to supply adaptable outlet pressure.
HWAYOUNG’s regulator can maintain outlet pressure providing the required flow to satisfy customers’ demands such as low medium-low pressure of a 1st-stage regulator; 2nd-stage regulator; automatic-changeover regulator; liquid-changeover device; and other gas accessories.
In accordance with applicable national and international codes and standards, all hazards covered by specific tests after final assembling, before applying the Korea Gas Safety (KGS) marking, shall be covered also after every subsequent reassembly at the installation site — in order to ensure that the equipment will be safe throughout its intended lifespan.

LPG/LNG Gas Regulator

LPG Gas Hose
The special outer layer with PVC material of HWAYOUNG’s gas hose ensures long-lasting use without any problems that can be caused by various weather conditions or direct sunlight, or even rodents’ attack.
And it also has metallic wire in the middle of the hose layers, so it can endure abnormal pressure efficiently and safely.

LPG Gas Hose

High-Capacity Pressure Regulator
The stable and reliable design of HWAYOUNG’s high-capacity regulators ensures that they can be properly utilized in various places and conditions based on precise control of gas for various types of gas. They are most suitable for use in boilers or combustors in commercial and industrial buildings, and hotels.

Smart Gas Hose
The safety quality of HWAYOUNG’s smart hose is reinforced with four-layer construction, and one of the layers is flexible hose. The special yarn of the middle layer of HWAYOUNG’s smart hose is designed for protecting the inside layer from heating or flames, etc.
HWAYOUNG’s regulators can prevent gas leakage accidents, and they are easy to install where they are needed, and they have an elegant external appearance that appeals to many customers.

Smart Gas Hose
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