PVC Hoses


[INQ. NO. 2110M29] Hongil Industrial Corporation, established in 2006, is a company specialized in manufacturing high-quality hose products.
Since its founding in 2006, Hongil Industrial has been developing and producing hose products applied with patented technologies.
To this end, the company has secured differentiated industrial IPRs; obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, developed large-sized water-supplying hoses to advance into the Middle East market.

PVC Hoses
The family of PVC hoses produced by Hongil Industrial is widely used in all industrial sectors (manufacturing, construction and civil engineering, shipbuilding, fishing businesses, home appliances, home kitchens, mining, etc.).
As Hongil Industrial uses eco-friendly materials to manufacture PVC hoses, all products are odorless, nontoxic and eco-friendly. Therefore, the company’s products are unrivaled in terms of odor and quality compared with other PVC hoses made of low-cost raw materials.

PVC Hoses

Hongil Industrial is running a general PVC hose plant to manufacture all related products. As small-sized plants produce a few items, interested buyers might have to contact a number of them. However, Hongil Industrial is able to provide various types of PVC hoses for export as it manufactures all types of PVC hoses.
Winning the One-Million-Dollar Export Tower last year, the hose maker is gradually increasing export performance and steadily raising recognition in overseas markets.

PVC Hoses

“We will continue to actively respond to demands for relevant products based on technical know-how we’ve built up so far. And we’d like to give our assurances that we will fulfill our roles and responsibilities as a business partner for the development of customers,” emphasized the CEO of Hongil Industrial.
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