Hydraulic Cylinder


[INQ. NO. 2110M28] Hydraulic cylinder is equipment widely used throughout many industries. Meanwhile, features of the hydraulic cylinder manufactured by TAEIL are as follows: most cylinders are large-sized with an internal diameter of 300mm or over and each of the products are customized and have their own specialties.
Each of the cylinders has its own unique roles to play: cylinders used to exert high pressures when rolling iron plates at steel mills, cylinders for large-sized hydraulic presses to forge iron parts for vehicles, large-sized hydraulic jack cylinders for undersea submerged tunnel constructions, guillotine cylinders to cut iron scraps, etc.
TAEIL does not consider that its own production system is proper or competitive to manufacture small-sized cylinders. TAEIL is currently generating US$ 2 million in annual exports only to Japan.
There are a total of 19 cylinders including guillotine cylinder TAEIL has so far produced.

Hydraulic Cylinder

A guillotine cylinder and a scrap cylinder are 600mm and 400mm in internal diameter, respectively and 25 sets of them are exported to Japan annually.
A telescopic cylinder that is shaped not vertical but horizontal has obtained patents from the Korean and Japanese governments, to be supplied not only to the domestic market but also to the Japanese market.

Hydraulic Cylinder

When a specially purposed large-sized cylinder is needed and accurate information is provided on minimum power, pressure to use, where to use, minimum stroke, the number of hourly rotations, usual temperature, using materials, and others, it is possible to see if it can be manufactured and to quote a price.

Hydraulic Cylinder

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