Rollers Used for Transportation

[INQ. NO. 2111M16] E-HYUN INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. is striving to become a leading company based on challenging entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and providing the best-quality products at all times.
Its main products include castings, hot rolls, cold rolls, thick steel plate rolls, segment rollers, run-out rollers (table rollers), tension bridle rollers, steering rollers, deflector rollers, wringer rollers, looper rollers, feed rollers, etc. It is also manufacturing other machine components.

Hot Roll
This is a product used to roll high-temperature slabs and to manufacture hot-rolled coils. As good product-quality is required for the flatness and the surface quality of the hot roll, it is important to keep the best quality for the supply of the best product optimized for the relevant process.

Rollers Used for Transportation

Thick Steel Plate Roll
It is used to roll high-temperature slabs. For the production of wide and thick steel plates, mostly large-sized rolls are used. And the company supplies the optimal products needed for the relevant process.

Rollers Used for Transportation

Other Rolls
This is used to roll high-temperature billets and blooms. The company provides optimized products by manufacturing rolls with various cross-sections to meet the needs of customers.
The quality of products manufactured by E-HYUN INDUSTRIAL is well-received as they are not only supplied to domestic customers (POSCO, HYUNDAI STEEL, DONGGUK STEEL, etc.) but also exported to overseas markets (NIPPON STEEL, JFE, SPCO, KOBE, UPI, etc.).
“Based on reliable products and trust, we will think from the perspective of customers and do all we can to have the best quality and offer the best follow-up service through ceaseless technical innovation,” remarked the CEO of E-HYUN INDUSTRIAL. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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