Korea’s LS Cable & System Wins Huge Orders for Taiwan’s Submarine Cable Projects


LS Cable & System has recently received consecutive orders for large-scale submarine cable projects in Taiwan.
The cable provider recently announced that it was selected as a preferred bidder for a project worth KRW 200 billion by CDWE (CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering), an offshore wind-power construction company, and would supply submarine cables to an offshore wind-power complex in Hai Long, Taiwan by 2025.
The company has won all rights to provide high-voltage submarine cables for the Taiwanese offshore wind-power complex project and the total amount of the orders it has received stand at around KRW 800 billion.
The Hai Long offshore wind-power complex is one of the largest in Taiwan. It will be established around 50km away from the Taiwanese western coastal line to generate about 1GW of electricity that is equivalent to the power capacity one nuclear power plant could generate.
The complex is developed jointly by Northland Power from Canada and Yushan Energy from Singapore and CDWE will supply and construct submarine cables and other main materials and facilities.

Korea’s LS Cable & System Wins Huge Orders for Taiwan’s Submarine Cable Projects

As part of the policy to expand new and renewable energy, Taiwan is carrying out the development of offshore wind-power complexes with a total of 15GW capacity by 2035.
The company has decided to focus on winning orders as it expects the additional tenders for submarine cables in Taiwan would be worth over KRW 1 trillion. The experience the company has built up in implementing projects in Taiwan is expected to play a key role in advancing into the North American and Southeast Asian markets, where demand for offshore wind power generation is growing sharply.
“We will take the lead in expanding new and renewable energy business at home and abroad based on the close ties we’ve so far established with global offshore wind power companies in Europe, the North America, Taiwan and other regions,” commented Myeong Noh-hyeon, CEO of LS Cable & System.
“We are pleased to have LS Cable & System as our partner that has sufficient business experience in Taiwan and produces world-leading submarine cables,” remarked Marco Kanaar, General Manager of CDWE project.
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