Power Conversion System


Specialized for Power Resource Trade and Microgrid Control(DePCS)

[INQ. NO. 2112M02] DePCS, which utilizes an UL-certified modular string inverter, is a power conversion system dedicated to controlling a microgrid that is able to support a backup function in case of a power outage.
It also has an automatic connection function when the power service is restored, parallel operation, and a CVCF grid-forming mode. It is available in 180kW 360kW and 540kW capacity based on 600V incoming voltage, and is W55D50H85(Inch) based on the enclosure size based on the 540kW capacity model.
Built-in power operation software, DeMS, is used to communicate with the battery and can be used directly at the installation site at no additional cost, eliminating the need for additional cost or time such as FAT.

Power Conversion System

NEXT Generation Power Operation Software based on Active-Control Method (DeMS)
DeMS embedded in DePCS uses Modbus TCP/IP as standard and follows North American Sun-Spec standard.
It is possible to respond to almost all operation methods using energy storage devices such as shifting and smoothing operation by connecting to a Green power source. In case of power outage or power system disconnection, backup operation mode and microgrid mode are connected to solar power to support operation.

Power Conversion System

In particular, DeMS can be customized to the requirements of BMS and Meter regardless of battery manufacturer and model by applying compatibility technology.

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