Wafer Inspection System


[INQ. NO. 2112M01] NEXTIN Co., Ltd. is the only Korea company that manufactures and sells semiconductor metrology and inspection equipment that is known as wafer inspection system used to detect patter defects and foreign substances arising from the process of manufacturing semiconductor device circuits [pre-process: wafer process].
The semiconductor micro-pattern defect-detection equipment, which is the manufacturer’s main product, compares optical images to detect micro-pattern defects and foreign substances arising from pre-processing in which semiconductor circuits are produced before making semiconductor devices, contributing to the development of unit process technology and the yield improvement for semiconductor device manufacturers.

Wafer Inspection System

AEGIS equipment is based on the world’s first two-dimensional imaging technology that utilizes a number of CMOS sensors to spatially disperse large-surface light. And the equipment also provides optimal detection sensitivity thanks to the application of image-comparison algorithms that is based on the latest image-processing techniques of deep learning.

Wafer Inspection System

In addition, NEXTIN developed Through-focus Scanning Optical Microscopy (TSOM) that is suitable to be applied to three-dimensional semiconductor manufacturing processes in cooperation with Intel, the world’s leading semiconductor device maker in the USA ‒ and jointly released a paper at SPIE, a symposium held in Silicon Valley in February 2021.

Wafer Inspection System

Thanks to the development of the world’s first equipment suitable to detect patter defects arising from vertical structures of three-dimensional devices, the company is expected to make a great contribution to the improvement of the yield in manufacturing three-dimensional devices in the future.
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