Die Change Car


[INQ. NO. 2112M16] CHEON GI INDUSTRIAL’s die change car is a system to move heavy molds in and out.
CHEON GI INDUSTRIAL’s car is designed and manufactured based on its customers’ requests and the working environment.
The mold change system can be pulled in through the front and back or the left or right of a press and be categorized into a single car (for one mold) and a double car (for two molds).
For instance, assuming that it would take about 5 minutes to replace each and every one of the molds installed in one line of the press (five presses in total), five of the molds can be replaced within 5 minutes if five of CHEON GI INDUSTRIAL’s mold change car are installed in the line.

Die Change Car

And, each of the five molds can be replaced separately as well by designing and manufacturing the car accordingly, if needed.
When using the die change car system and its Q.D.C (Quick Die Change) & Q.M.C (Quick Mold Change) systems (promoting the company’s previous products), the user can reduce the time to replace his/her mold(s) more efficiently.
Reducing the time to replace the molds in the era of small quantity batch production is one of the ways to increase your company’s productivity.

Die Change Car

“CHEON GI INDUSTRIAL’s system is aimed to further reduce the time to replace your mold(s) within ten minutes.”
CHEON GI is dedicated to constant product technical research & development and quality improvement.
In addition, its quality is praised not just in Korea but also through trading with overseas companies. CHEON GI will make every endeavor to satisfy customers from their perspective, based on the management philosophy under the management philosophy of customer satisfaction.


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