Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser


For door knobs/handles, elevator buttons, etc.

[INQ. NO. 2112M17] KHY Global’s TOUCH CLEAN is a disinfecting sanitizer dispenser for surfaces. It sprays nano particles of disinfectant sanitizer on door handles/elevator buttons/or any other surface, according to where it is installed.
Common hand sanitizer dispensers on the markets are for disinfection only at the entrances of buildings (to ensure visitors get their hands sanitized before entering the building)
However, no matter how well one keeps one’s hands clean, touching an object that has been touched by an infected person can expose one to a high possibility of getting infected (which is known as cross-infection)
Therefore, by first sanitizing/disinfecting such objects can reduce the chances of cross-infection dramatically.

Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser

The features of TOUCH CLEAN are: wireless (lithium battery installed); est. 900 times dispensing with single refill of only 60ml (2.03 oz); more than 300 hours stand-by mode when fully charged; three-step dispensing (1.2 / 2.2 / 3.2 seconds dispensing); IR sensor; nano size particle dispensing (the object does not get wet/moisturized); FCC and CE certified; made in Korea; and one-year warranty.
The product includes the main device, an adjustable angle holder/cradle, USB cable, liquid supplying bottle, and manual.

Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser

Depending on the order size, the company can customize the logo, manual and package (PB/Private Brand is possible).
As the company’s product is something new on the market, various buyers have purchased the product and the company is in discussion with various interested parties, such as PPE distributors, medical device distributors, promotional items distributors, digital door lock companies, safe related product distributors, hotel supply item distributors, etc.

Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser

If a buyer would like to have a video meeting, the company’s sales representatives can demonstrate the product and show its facilities.
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