Negative-pressure System Ambulance

[INQ. NO. 2112M19] This vehicle is a negative-pressure system ambulance, manufactured to safely and quickly transport patients suffering from respiratory diseases.
Negative-pessure system is to prevent cross-contamination.
This vehicle is a multi-purpose ambulance that can transport patients suffering from a wide variety of infectious diseases, as well as general patients.
A testing section can be installed in the ambulance to contain the respiratory infectious disease. This vehicle has a wide cabin area that provides safe and abundant area for medical treatment while stably transporting the patient.

Negative-pressure System Ambulance

A negative-pressure system for ambulances is installed in this vehicle to prevent the spread of infectious diseases (The pressure can be adjusted in between 0 to 100PA, and to 200PA if necessary.).
The system can be installed in the vehicle selected by the user, and the Renault Master (4×2 van type or 4×4 truck type) is recommended as the basic chassis.
The driver’s room and the patient’s room are separated for containment purposes, and they can communicate with each other real-time through an intercom system. A CCTV camera is installed in the patient’s room, so that the driver can monitor the patient’s room.

Negative-pressure System Ambulance

An integrated control panel is installed so that the EMT personnel can control all equipment in the patient’s room easily and precisely. The negative-pressure device installed on the roof has an automatic ventilation system and a filter replacement timing notification system.
Fine Motors Co., Ltd. is the only Korean special purpose vehicle supplier registered with the UN Global Marketplace, which means that the quality of its products is globally recognized. The company manufactures a wide variety of special purpose vehicles, including the negative -pressure system ambulance and the fire engines.
Fine Motors has been exporting its products to its clients in approximately 20 countries, which serves as a proof of deep customer trust in the company.

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