Rigid Polyurethane Resin


[INQ. NO. 2112M18] TAE YOUNG’s rigid polyurethane resin system has much stronger points when compared with other insulation materials, such as excellent insulation properties, self-adhesiveness, light weight, fillabilty, simplicity, and variety.
Two-component urethane adhesive for prefabricated sandwich panels is a product that is used to bond EPS panels, glasswool panels , mineral wool panels, etc . This two-component adhesive for construction can be used in-between the core and the iron plate, maintaining excellent adhesion and durability, even under extended severe weather conditions.

One-component urethane adhesives are used to bond glass fibers and honeycomb structured plate to an iron plate, and are used for production of fire doors and heat sink doors.
They are used in a wide range of insulations for various structures, such as for urethane boards and panels, refrigerators, reefer containers, showcases, chemical tanks, double layered insulated pipes, cold storage warehouses, refrigeration warehouses, apartments, and daily living spaces.

PolyUrea is used for floor materials for parking lots in buildings, industrial facilities, refrigeration warehouses and logistic warehouses as well as anti-erosion or waterproof material in various water treatment facilities such as swimming pools, water purifying plants, and refinery facilities. It also applies for anti-erosion and waterproofing in various structures such as chemical tanks, ordinary pipes and steel pipes, and industrial facilities.
Besides, its application expands much wider in industrial fields not only with its excellent constructability that does not allow flowing down on the inclined plane and on the vertical plane, but also outstanding workability under severe environment in terms of temperature, humidity, and coldness, while reducing the construction time.

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