EV-Charging Smart Streetlight System


[INQ. NO. 2112M28] IL SCIENCE, a smart optical tech company, has recently released its EV-charging smart streetlight system (three types).
There is keen interest in what kind of impact this product — which is able to function both as an EV-charging device and as a streetlight – will have on the market.

Smart Streetlight and EV-Charger into One
IL SCIENCE’s EV-charging smart streetlight system has been launched to meet the surge in demand for EV chargers following the expansion of the EV market.
As a slow-charging method utilizing the constant power from streetlights on public roads and in residential areas, this product is applied with IL SCIENCE’s patent (Registration No. 10-0970158, A streetlight equipped with a charging terminal box).
This product is equipped with a fee-imposing outlet installed in a charging terminal box of a streetlight, and is used in connection with a Smartphone application when charging an EV through the 220V outlet with a built-in fee-imposing device.
In about an hour, it can charge electricity for an EV to drive for around 10~20km. It also has a function to control the power supply for the prevention of unauthorized power use and/or a fire caused by excessive current.

EV-Charging Smart Streetlight System

The product comes in a total of three types: a basic type; a multifunctional smart type; and a hybrid multifunctional smart type.
Out of the three, the multifunctional smart type is equipped with a fine dust display to measure and indicate air pollution levels. It can be used in various ways including the prevention of crimes thanks to the installed CCTV module.
The hybrid multifunctional smart type is equipped with a solar-power module and a wind-power generator to use eco-friendly energy for an EV, in addition to the constant power of a streetlight.
“Facing the worldwide transition to EVs, there is are concerns that a shortage of charging facilities could hamper the distribution of EVs in Korea, along with a need to expand the availability of chargers,” explained a spokesperson from IL SCIENCE, adding, “By establishing such a charging infrastructure utilizing streetlights that are highly accessible to EV users, these issues are being dramatically addressed.”

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