World’s First Stainless Roll Compound Pipe for Drinking-Water Supply

[INQ. NO. 2112M27] This product is a drinking-water supply pipe made of stainless-steel pipe with extruded polyethylene sheath.
The side that comes in contact with drinking water is made of stainless steel, and the side that comes in contact with soil is made of polyethylene, so it is excellent in terms of hygiene and endurance. It comes in 50-meter-or-longer units reducing the number of joints, which makes it easier to install, reduces installation cost and time, and improves the water-flow rate.
This product is the world’s first stainless steel roll compound pipe of 20A-200A standard, which is available in straight pipe and roll pipe(In case of the roll pipe, 20A-150A).

World’s First Stainless Roll Compound Pipe for Drinking-Water Supply

Fifty-meter or longer roll pipes are manufactured in the factory, delivered to the field, straightened, and then installed.
Pressing and fusing of components is applied, and fusing force and water tightness are strengthened with the part dedicated to spol pipe (i.e., spol joint).
Water pressure is 6MPA (1h), and pull strength is 70N/10mm or stronger. Its insulation resistance, flatness and bending performance are respectively excellent. It also is strongly resistant against earthquakes higher than magnitude 7.
Kumkang, established in 1998, has been consistently manufacturing high-quality stainless-steel water tanks and SPOL pipes so that the tap water we drink can be stored and supplied cleanly and safely.
Kumkang has acquired more than 30 patents as a result of endless technological research and development.

World’s First Stainless Roll Compound Pipe for Drinking-Water Supply

Kumkang possesses not only citations from the President and the Prime Minister of Korea, but also numerous quality and performance certificates from public certification agencies, including the excellent procurement item certificate from the Public Procurement Service of Korea, New Excellent Product Certificate, and the performance certificate from the Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea.
Kumkang is supplying trustworthy water-supply equipment with its excellent technologies.

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