Light Construction Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2201M13] COPAZ Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing various kinds of light construction equipment in the Republic of Korea, such as vibrating rollers, tamping rammers, plate compactors, power trowels, concrete vibrators, concrete & asphalt cutters, etc.
COPAZ is also available to manufacture new products according to drawings and samples with years of accumulated experience and technical capacity.

COPAZ Machinery

Products of COPAZ have been exported all over the world, to about 30 countries, gaining a good reputation and credibility from domestic and overseas companies for its technical know-how of 20 years.
Its priority lies with quality and durability of products as it produces 80% of parts itself and major parts are imported from Japan and Italy, which is why the company is highly reliable and trustworthy.
In order to keep up with developments in the international market, it is continuously strengthening its competitiveness and quality management system. It also maintains good relationships with overseas buyers, with its focus on manufacturing and exporting products on the site.
Its manufacturing facility and offices are located in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.

Light Construction Equipment

Vibrating Roller, Compactor and Vibrator
Diesel engine type vibrating roller is a small-sized double drum walk-behind vibrating roller.
It is applicable to compacting and maintaining various roads, expressway shoulders, sidewalks, parking areas, and sports field grass. It is especially suited for compaction of narrow areas, such as pipeline channels, drainage trenches, etc.
This machine has been designed to be highly versatile with minimum maintenance, fitting a wider range of utility-sized applications confronting contractors. Up to 90% of parts are made in Korea with Italian hydraulic piston pumps and motors, Japanese bearings & oil seals, and German safety washers. Therefore, quality and durability of products are high, with one-year warranties offered on most products and even two-year warranties on some machines. A/S is readily available as well.
Parts of ready-made goods come only from previously verified companies, and engineers with more than 16 years of experience assemble each machine to minimize defect rates. Also, replaceable parts are cheaper than those of other brands.

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