Eco-friendly Tiles

[INQ. NO. 2201M14] Since 1979, DAEJIN Co., Ltd. has been engaged in LVT flooring business. DECORIA was awarded the 1st grand prize for national quality satisfaction index in 2021 year. Our product is an eco-friendly tile that does not contain formaldehyde, the main cause of “sick house” syndrome. It is a high-density special coating that guarantees stronger durability and longer life than pre-existing products. Equipped with various patterns and designs such as oak, carpet, and marble, it is a tile that can be used in various places including residential and commercial spaces.

Eco-friendly Tiles

All DECORIA products are environmentally friendly and can be fully recycled. They can be installed in any space, and are suitable for various designs such as general wood plank type and square type.
Equipped with a non-slip sheet, ECORIA Lay is a highly functional eco-friendly product that can be easily installed. It has high dimensional stability and anti-slip layer by using the anti-deformation layer. It can be installed without adhesives and is easy to use compared to its counterparts, while it has strong durability through its special surface coating. This high-grade product is equipped with anti-slip layer designs with various patterns to enhance originality.

Eco-friendly Tiles

DAEJIN has launched a new line of linoleum products. This residential vinyl sheet (linoleum) is a non-phthalate plasticizer, certified by the U.S. environmental protection agency to maintain a comfortable living environment and people’s health by using organic-inorganic hybrid antibacterial agent.
DAEJIN, a specialized manufacturer of flooring materials, is reputed for its superior quality at home and abroad. Through passionate technological development and continuous investment, this export company supplies products to customers worldwide, such as Walmart and other global companies.

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