Commercializing High-purity Silicon Carbide Powders and Nano Silicon Carbide Powders

As a KICET-registered research institute company, PLUS A.C.T. is commercializing its high-purity silicon carbide powders and nano silicon carbide powders – targeting potential global markets including semiconductor markets.

Would you briefly tell us more about your company?
[INQ. NO. 2201M17] PLUS Advanced Ceramic Technology, established in 2018 as an affiliated company of PLUS Manager, which has grown as a specialized company of mechanical seals for more than two decades, is currently the only company in Korea to successfully develop, manufacture, and sell silicon carbide powders.
PLUS A.C.T, currently registered as a research institute company by the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET), is commercializing its high-purity silicon carbide powders and Nano Silicon Carbide Powders.

PLUS A.C.T Co., Ltd.

All employees of PLUS A.C.T are committed to delivering its values – “Productivity Maximize,” “Lower Cost,” “Upper Quality,” “Safety & Environment Control” – to its customers through the products it sells.
What are the main products you are currently manufacturing?
As our major products, I would like to introduce you to our two high-purity silicon carbide powders – PureBeta PLUS, and Ultra PureBeta PLUS.
These two high-purity silicon carbide powders feature high-purity – 99.9~99.99% purity of PureBeta PLUS and more than 99.999% purity of Ultra PureBeta PLUS – through being synthesized by direct reaction of silicon and carbon and environmentally high-purified without the treatment of chemical solvents.
The next product I would like to highlight is NanoBeta PLUS, which is a synthesized product using reactions of polymer precursors. This is a nano silicon carbide powder product with an average particle size of less than 200nm.
In addition to our direct selling of these powders, our parent company, PLUS Manager Co., Ltd., also directly uses these powders in order that it can apply them to mechanical seals or sell the wanted shape of the sintering parts of silicon carbide.

Commercializing High-purity Silicon Carbide Powders and Nano Silicon Carbide Powders

What specific markets are you currently targeting? And, finally, do you have any messages you wish to deliver to your potential global buyers?
For high-purity silicon carbide powder products, we are targeting the U.S. single crystal market. The single crystal product is an essential material for power devices used in electric vehicles, etc. The growth in export of the product is very noticeable, as demand for the product is greatly increasing.
For nano silicon carbide powder and the sintering parts using nano silicon carbide powder, we are targeting the market for mechanical structural parts, and the filler market for composites and paints – all of which are steadily growing in Europe, and especially in Germany.
In such markets, silicon carbide materials are being used as a substitute for the existing metal parts – thanks to their superior mechanical properties. It is expected that from now on there will be huge market potential for these materials – given the fact that in the case of being used as filler, the material properties of the existing components can be greatly enhanced.
We are currently conducting further research in order to utilize silicon carbide materials more widely in various areas. We are committed to supplying our clients with top-quality silicon carbide components at reasonable prices.

Commercializing High-purity Silicon Carbide Powders and Nano Silicon Carbide Powders | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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