Brazing Furnace

[INQ. NO. 2202M01] Brazing furnace is being used for consecutive brazing treatment by spraying flux into parts contained in vehicles, and electronics — such as aluminum, copper, etc. – in an inactive condition.
This product is very useful in brazing for automotive heat exchangers such as radiators, condensers, and for electronic equipment such as EVA, HeatCore, etc.
Moreover, it ensures energy-saving effects (35~50%) through using heat energy created in case of gas for preheating.

Brazing Furnace
Brazing Furnace

Dry-Off Oven
This product is commonly used to remove moisture created in water-based coating and adhesive, and oils such as cutting oil, inhibited oil, etc. And also, it is used for getting rid of moisture or oils existing in the inside or surface of plating of certain products.
The oven is manufactured by FURNACE ONE Co., Ltd., featuring stable performance and longer lifespan. It is designed and manufactured in careful consideration of customers’ requirements of the size, structure, and production-speed of parts, and of thermal properties.

Brazing Furnace

FURNACE ONE is the only company in Korea to proceed with the new manufacturing, maintenance, and relocation construction of industrial dry-off ovens – in cooperation with Japan’s KANTO YAKIN KOGYO (KYK), which has know-how and technologies accumulated over 70 years.
FURNACE ONE has many years of experience in industrial furnaces such as brazing furnaces used in vehicles, boilers, annealing furnace in the steel industry, tempering, and carburizing furnace, as well as dry-off oven, cleaning facilities, and VOC environmental facilities. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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