Ultra-Green Condensing Boiler


[INQ. NO. 2202M02] Daelim Royal E&P Co., Ltd. has developed the Ultra-Green Condensing Boiler based on the features of a high-efficiency condensing boiler that reuses emission gas of high temperature; and Daelim Royal E&P’s independent flue gas recirculation (FGR) technology, real-time nitrogen oxide measuring technique, and four-damper control system.
In the first stage, the first NOx sensor measures concentration of NOx and oxygen in the emission gas in real-time, and the first damper controls the amount of air in combustion entered from the fan. Also, the second damper controls the amount of gas entered into the burner according to a condition of optimum air to fuel ratio.

Ultra-Green Condensing Boiler

In the second stage, the flue gas recirculation system, FGR has been applied to reduce NOx by the reentering of discharged emission gas inside the boiler through the fan.
Unlike a general FGR system, to adjust the FGR, Daelim Royal E&P’s FGR system is equipped with one damper at the outlet through which the emission gas flows into the fan through the FGR pipe, and a fourth damper that controls the mixing amount of outside air and emission gas.
For the technology, Daelim Royal E&P has used a principle to drop oxygen concentration in combustion air for the purpose of reducing NOx during the process of mixing flue gas entered through recirculation with external air. Installing a second NOx sensor at the entrance hole of combustion air, the company has developed technology to measure the oxygen concentration in mixed flue gas in real-time and drop the oxygen concentration in the combustion air up to extremely low and emission the lowest concentration of NOx.

Ultra-Green Condensing Boiler

From the result of analysis on the data values obtained through the experiment out of its results, Daelim Royal E&P has developed a high-efficiency low NOx technology that can reduce NOx more efficiently and effectively than the previous two dampers control system.
Based on the NOx-reduction technology and energy-saving technology, Daelim Royal E&P is expanding vigorously to let the global market know about its independent and excellent technology.

Ultra-Green Condensing Boiler

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