Automated Kitchen Systems

[INQ. NO. 2202M18] Shin Starr Presents, a pioneer in automated kitchen systems design, uses technology and artificial intelligence to allow users to prepare high-quality, gourmet recipes with incredible efficiency and consistency.
At the heart of its technology is AutoWok2.0, an electric-powered automated wok capable of cooking an expansive range of stir-frying recipes without assistance from the kitchen staff.
Stir-frying is one of the most labor-intensive cooking processes. The traditional method of stir-frying requires constant, meticulous attention to the temperature of the open flame as well as the motion and speed at which the ingredients are cooked.
On the other hand, AutoWok2.0 handles the entire laborious process with the simple push of a button. The staff can move onto another task with assurance that upon return, the food is cooked, dispensed onto a serving dish, and ready to be served to customers.

Automated Kitchen Systems

Korean cuisine has become one of the most notable trends in today’s culinary world. Bold, enticing flavors, while using healthful ingredients, have contributed to the growth and popularity of Korean cuisine. However, these savory dishes come at the cost of the complexity of different ingredients used and the preparation techniques required to cook them. Consistency in quality and taste at restaurants continue to be a challenge.
However, with AutoWok2.0, anyone can effortlessly prepare complex Korean menus.
Since its commercialization, AutoWok has continuously improved its hardware and software. Now, in its third version, AutoWok2.0 is more robust than ever before.

Automated Kitchen Systems

With a click of a button, AutoWok2.0 can easily cook stir-fry recipes without human assistance.
AutoWok2.0 utilizes an induction heating system that evenly distributes heat to the rotating drum resulting in evenly cooked meals. The induction heating system also eliminates exposure to the heat and hazards caused by open gas flames.
Once the cooking is complete, AutoWok2.0 will automatically transfer the contents onto a serving dish. This prevents overcooking of the recipe ingredients should they be left inside the wok.
Utilizing high-pressure steam, AutoWok2.0 self-cleans and sterilizes its cooking surface.
AutoWok2.0 is built to withstand the harshest cooking environments and conditions. It is sturdy enough to be installed in a food truck and even to operate while the truck is in motion. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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