Next-generation Server-cooling Solution for Data Centers

[INQ. NO. 2203M05] DataBean is a company that has come up with innovative cooling solutions for next-generation data centers. The company’s SmartBox is a solution proven as a next-generation IT cooling solution that can solve the heat issues in areas of cloud service, enterprises, and 5G & edge-computing applications.
SmartBox has superior scalability, and is the only safe and sustainable solution able to respond effectively to the era of climate crisis and of carbon neutrality.

Next-generation Server-cooling Solution for Data Centers

Through suggesting alternative cooling solutions required in the delicate computing environments of major industries, SmartBox supplies solutions that can contribute to the increased productivity of various enterprises — including AI, machine learning, etc. In addition, the company provides technologies that can save energy and water on a massive-scale.

Next-generation Server-cooling Solution for Data Centers

SmartBox enables servers with high capacity to be stably operated even in extreme computing conditions required by edge data centers. The immersion cooling solution is an eco-friendly next-generation solution for data centers – with features of calmness, harmless to humans – by overcoming the limitations of existing cooling solutions.

Next-generation Server-cooling Solution for Data Centers

Bearing in mind that dust and humidity should no longer be an obstacle to server operation, DataBean developed SmartBox that supplies a more-enhanced server-management environment — with longer lifespan and decreased obstacle issues. In fact, the server contained in cool liquid does not affect the operator with such factors as dust, humidity, etc.
The company’s president explained, “The selection of a next-generation IT cooling solution, SmartBox, designed to cope with energy-saving and carbon neutrality, means that any user can become a manager forecasting the future.”

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