Solar-driven Water Electrolyzer

[INQ. NO. 2203M06] Overplus Power is a high-tech company that aims to reduce greenhouse gas and environmentally harmful substances by developing hydrogen-producing and VOC-removing technologies.
Established in 2017, Overplus Power has continuously been developing technologies such as solar-driven water electrolyzer systems, natural gas-based steam methane reformers (SMRs), energy-device-related metal 3-D printing, solid-oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) stacks, and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO).

Solar-driven Water Electrolyzer

The technology to obtain hydrogen by generating water into electricity is called ‘electrolysis,’ or ‘water electrolysis.’ It is a clean technology that can produce hydrogen without pollutants, as well as greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Electrolysis technology can efficiently produce 100% green hydrogen when combined with renewable energy.
PEM method or alkaline-method electrolysis technology has a complementary relationship in terms of performance, size, cost, and system configuration. In particular, when connected to solar- or wind-power-generation facilities, it does not require transportation due to the optimal on-site hydrogen generation from an environmental point of view.
This method is suitable for small and medium-sized hydrogen production, and the system is modular and easy to scale-up. This is the most eco-friendly technology among the various hydrogen-generation technologies. The 100-600 Nm³/h-class electrolysis equipment is also suitable for hydrogen refueling stations

Solar-driven Water Electrolyzer

Overplus Power has collaborated with global partners as well as Korean research institutes, aiming at becoming a world-class high-tech company.
The company’s president noted, “According to the many surveys conducted, climate change is the leading challenge facing the world. More than 90% of the survey responders say that the real culprit for climate change is us humans ourselves. We feel strongly responsible for preserving the clean environment and passing it on to our future generations. The corporate founder believes that innovative technology development and its successful commercialization will solve many issues related to the above.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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