Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle

[INQ. NO. 2203M15] CEVO Mobility Corp. spun off from CammSys, a renowned manufacturer of camera modules, was established in April 2021 with an aim to strengthen its expertise and independence in the EV business.
CEVO-C, the first two-seater micro electric vehicle launched by CammSys in 2019, surprised the market with its unique design and convenience, and achieved the No.1 market share in South Korea in 2020 and 2021 consecutively.

Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle
Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle

CEVO-C SE, the follow-up model released by CEVO Mobility, equipped with made-in-Korea lithium-ion battery, continues to gain popularity with its economic efficiency, styling design, and increased mileage.
With its compact size and excellent mobility, CEVO-C SE is also suitable for car sharing for short-distance trips, such as grocery shopping, food delivery, and commuting etc. Therefore, CEVO Mobility is accelerating the development of a separate car-sharing business using CEVO-C SE in Korea.
In the meantime, CEVO Mobility also aims to expand sales in domestic and overseas markets by adding four-seater passenger EVs and light commercial electric trucks.
CEVO-C is South Korea’s first self-developed two-seater micro electric vehicle and was successfully launched in 2019, causing a sensation in the market. Even after achieving the No. 1 market share in 2020, CEVO Mobility constantly tried to improve quality by reflecting customer feedback, and in 2021, CEVO Mobility launched a follow-up model CEVO-C SE with battery capacity increased by 2kWh, and the mileage increased by 13% compared to the previous model.

Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle

Along with its stylish design, CEVO-C SE comes in four distinct colors: passion red, midnight blue, aqua blue, and lime green — and offers convenient features such as power windows, air conditioner, and electric door locks.
Also, the vehicle is equipped with booster and disc brakes based on the space frame structure, providing best-in-class safety features. Equipped with a 10.16kWh lithium-ion battery, the vehicle is optimized for short-distance travel for various purposes, such as commuting, shopping, last-mile delivery and leisure activities.

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