Electrical Vehicle Charger Power Module


[INQ. NO. 2203M16] Y2Solution Co., Ltd. is a switched mode power supply (SMPS) manufacturing company with a 46-year-long history, founded in 1976. Y2Solution supplies switched mode power supply (SMPS) for premium TV including OLED TV of LG Electronics based on a Digilog circuit technique in which digital and analog are coupled.
Based on a SMPS technique accumulated while doing business with LG Electronics, the company has released its 35KW SMPS for fast charging for electric vehicles. With differentiated technology and competitiveness, the values on which the company is based are “respect for life,” and “improving quality of life.”

Electrical Vehicle Charger Power Module

The company’s power module, YEVCM35K-1000, performs a function supplying DC voltage required for charging a battery inside a charger by applying new power topology technology. It receives three-phase AC power and converts it into DC power, and DC/DC converter controls output voltage in accordance with the requirements for vehicle batteries. By applying Sic-based MOSFET, switching and conducting loss have been minimized (AC-DC power conversion efficiency 96% or more).
In addition, with very high-density design (20W/Inch³), it is designed in the same size as other companies’ 30kW products, so one-on-one replacement is possible, providing customers with application convenience.
Stable modular current-sharing is possible, and even if one of the modules is broken down by modularization of the power conversion unit, the other module can keep on operating so as to secure stability for customer use.

Electrical Vehicle Charger Power Module

It satisfies the charging requirements of batteries for global electric vehicles (150V~500V section: maintaining constant current mode 70A, 500V~1,000V section: constant power mode) and provides long life and high reliability (design securing enough margin, lifespan: min 50,000hr or more, verifying MTBF min 2,000,000hrs).
The strong point of the product is that customers can reduce the number of power module compared to 30kW level and reduce the volume and the cost. The range of output voltage is 150V to 1,000V, enabling various types of vehicles and a large output, which is 35kW level, contributing to improvement of charging speed.
While supplying electric vehicles, as travelable distance becomes greater and battery capacity is increased, Y2Solution is planning to significantly improve the performance of the power module by releasing a product that is ultra-high efficiency(97% or more) based on 35kW commercializing technology, 35W/Inch³ of very high-density, and 50kW of ultra-high-capacity.

Electrical Vehicle Charger Power Module

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