Resin Diamond Abrasives

[INQ. NO. 2204M01] ODS DIAMOND CO., LTD., founded in 2015, is a company specialized in manufacturing of resin diamond fickerts.
ODS’s current flagship products — resin diamond abrasives — are excellent in the three-dimensional effect of the chip, outstanding in surface texture, and luster. All of its products are free from shadow, scratching, and hazing.
They possess the capability of high gloss degree. Their high grinding force is similar to metal, and their strong durability improves the lifecycle of the product. They can polish the edges of the stone, and are excellent in grinding to make a square, and for beveling and chamfering.
They have the capability of fast cutting and superb surface texture with excellent cutting force. They are available with different granulometry according to work position and application. It ensure that supporting the next processes will be completed effectively.

Resin Diamond Abrasives

ODS’s products can be used with Italy’s Breton machine and are very compatible with all the machines like China’s Keda machine, the Veegoo machine, etc. The particle size is from 100 to 6,000 and they deliver optimum performance with high-quality and competitive price compared with the Italian-made products.
The main products of ODS are available in two types — A type and B type. The former is very well applicable to pure color. The latter is excellently matched to single colors and multi-colors.
ODS has its own factory with an experienced R&D department that focuses on developing new products to meet the market demand. A strict quality-control system was established with an aim to maximize customer satisfaction.

Resin Diamond Abrasives

ODS has been committed to research, development, and innovation of super-hard materials and products – striving to make due contributions to the development of this industry. ODS applies ASTM standards based on the test results of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

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