Charging Service

[INQ. NO. 2203M18] Korea Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Technology is an integrated electric vehicle platform service company that has developed advanced charging service integrated operation solutions based on standardized systems in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market, providing stable charging services.
KEVIT’s EVC Integrated Operation Solution is based on the Charging Station Management System (CSMS) of Open Charging Point Protocol (OCPP). It provides various solutions in the electric vehicle charging technology and charging service fields. KEVIT is now growing rapidly with S/W capabilities in the charging infrastructure market.

Charging Service

Convenient Charging Service
KEVIT’s charging service is convenient because charging service is available through the mobile app without issuing membership cards. Last August, KEVIT was the first in the world to be certified with the highest OCPP security level for CSMS. As such, KEVIT is recognized as an EV charging infrastructure provider with the best IT technology in Korea.

Charging Service

KEVIT provides charging service for EV drivers. In addition, KEVIT manages consignment operation of EV chargers for workplaces, public institutions, and logistics. KEVIT Charging Service provides charging infrastructure for various areas. Using the mobile app, users can authenticate, charge EV, and pay charging fees. KEVIT CSMS provides various functions such as charging station and charging station management, monitoring, user management and usage fee settlement, and statistical management.

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