Electric Vehicle


[INQ. NO. 2205M03] Established in 2018, MASTA EV Co., Ltd. has been conducting its business with a mission of becoming one of the world’s top makers of commercial electric freight vehicles.
MASTA EV, as part of automotives total-care services of the mother company of Master Motors, is responsible for production of EV parts and for R&D. MASTA EV jointly manages the imporant issue of EVs after-sales (A/S) networks, which is recognized as the crucial issue in a time when EVs are already sold out.
Master Motors, established in 1991, introduced Korea’s fi rst emergency rescue service called ERA. With its 30 years of total care service for vehicles, Master Motors now operates a total of 1,500 AS networks nationwide.

Moreover, Master Motors has the only networks in the nation for the maintenance of large vehicles. Based on such networks, Master Motors does trust-administration of the vehicles of public agencies and the logistics vehicles of large enterprises.
For the expansion of the business of MASTA EV, Master Motors is proceeding with several national projects and other R&D projects. Master Motors is participating in the demonstration of mobile support systems in the public sector based on micro EVs, and the demonstration of a safety device designed for entry into driveways.

Master Motors Management, based on such eff orts, recorded No. 1 in the delivery performance of micro EVs to Korea Post in 2019.
The EV “HIM,” manufactured by MASTA EV, is a micro electric freight vehicle equipped with various kinds of safety devices. The EV “HIM” is a 2022-style micro electric freight vehicle that has sliding doors and can carry 200kg of freight. Pricing at KRW 22.8million won, the EV can run 120km per single charging through applying the Samsung SDI’s lithium-ion batt ery.
The EV can carry two passengers along with the basic quantities of freight. 

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