EV Charging Stations


[INQ. NO. 2205M04] EDISON ENERGY is a company that professionally manufacturers an EV-charging station called “Canopy,” available in as many as 12 types, depending on the charger specifications – slow charger, medium charger, and rapid charger.
Customized manufacturing of canopies is available – basic type, eave-type, and real gate-type – according to users’ requirements.
The construction of 12 types of canopy, constructed in order to protect EV chargers outdoor from any potential damage, was made possible based on two points — the specifications in design, and the delivery of finished goods — and they are being designed so as to be easily transferred and installed afterwards.

Changing of the size of Canopy is possible according to the location and the specific type of charger. It is possible to provide a bird’s-eye-view of the field after film shoots.
EDISON ENERGY is briskly engaged in such businesses as EV charging stations, solar, electrical panels, etc.
EDISON ENERGY, as a promising start-up, is distributing ecofriendly products in line with the global trend of carbon neutrality, and is expected to expand its usage of renewable energy.

EDISON ENERGY is briskly supplying EV chargers and EV charging stations (Canopy) in line with the expansion of the use of the most representative vehicles of EVs – to cope with the emerging hot issue of how to decrease carbon emissions in this era of struggling to protect the planet from global warming. 

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