Battery Pack Cases for EVs

[INQ. NO. 2205M09] DONGHEE is an automobile parts leading company that develops and produces eco-friendly products, electrical device products, suspensions, fuel tanks and pedals of automobile parts for the past 50 years.
DONGHEE is developing and producing battery pack cases that can store electric energy needed for electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles using electricity as a power source.
Due to the weight of these battery packs, battery pack cases require high durability when installed in vehicles. They also separate and protect battery packs from external harmful environments that can occur while driving and play a role of attaching and supporting various electric devices around them.

DONGHEE, furthermore, is developing and producing LWR case products, exclusive for electric trucks and electric freight cars, that can protect batteries of electric vehicles from outside moisture and shock and play a role of covers that can be attached to vehicles.
At this point, DONGHEE has set up global production bases in Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the USA, and Mexico. In the car assembly area, it is assembling and producing light passenger cars including Morning, Ray and Niro and developing used car circulation and service business.

DONGHEE is developing its business with a motto of providing better value to customers, as an eco-friendly company that focuses on future-oriented researches by developing new technology and managing quality according to changes in the auto industry paradigm, and respects nature and people. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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