Charging Platform for EVs

[INQ. NO. 2205M10] Pluglink Inc. is a Charge Point Operator(CPO) focused on deploying charging infrastructures particularly within mass residential complexes(mainly apartments). It is also the only CPO to join the K-RE100 initiative committed to deliver renewable energy to EV owners. The company targets to provide convenient charging experiences where EV users enjoy easy, safe, and reliable charge points.
In response to the global transition to electric vehicles, South Korea is setting up EV charging points mainly driven by government subsidies. Amid the national commitment to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, Pluglink is aggressively scaling up to set up charging infrastructure through external financing.

Many CPOs based in South Korea require online registration and card ordering procedures which harms the EV user experiences. Pluglink on the other hand, eliminates all unnecessary steps and allows the required procedures to proceed through the mobile application. Pluglink users benefit from 1 minute to register, 30 seconds to connect EV with the charging point via QR code reading and automatic payment once charging is completed. The mobile application focuses to make owning an EV even easier through pioneering solutions aimed to provide a seamless charging experience.

Pluglink’s charging infrastructures are suitable for apartment complexes as they are equipped with a ‘dynamic load balancing’ function which allows for efficient distribution of limited power supply across multiple vehicles. This minimizes the burden on the current electricity grid of the building and thereby enables the deployment of more charging stations within each building.
Pluglink visions to accelerate the transition to carbon free mobility. Emissions from the transportation sector accounted for approximately 13.5% of South Korea’s total Carbon emission in 2018. Therefore for EVs to be truly aligned with green initiatives within the transportation sector, Pluglink offers EV users to not only charge their vehicles with renewable energy but also integrate sustainable mobility into their existing lifestyle. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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