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Providing Smart Charging Solutions
[INQ. NO. 2205M06] everon Co., Ltd. is one of the largest charge point operators (CPOs), having been in the business since 2012. EV sharing service experience since its establishment is the foundation of everon’s charging business. After being selected as the first EV charging service provider by Korea’s Ministry of Environment in 2017, everon is continuing its journey to become the number one total EV solution provider.
As of March 2022, everon is operating around 15,000 chargers nationwide, and the number is rapidly growing. Optimizing customer’s satisfaction by constantly enhancing its products, service, and operating system are everon’s core values.

everon’s product lineup includes 3kW, 7kW, 10kW multi, and 100kW dual with OCPP 1.6 Profile 3. By R&D activities, everon keeps improving the quality of its products reflecting customers’ needs and convenience. Charging Station Management System (CSMS) and app are key to the company’s optimized charging service.
everon launched a private investment charging infrastructure project to contribute to the rapid expansion of EVs and infrastructure. The charging infrastructure industry has relied heavily on government subsidy and major CPOs started to follow everon’s practice.

Korea Development Bank and SK Networks were the major investors, anticipating that everon would stay ahead of the fierce competition in the volatile global market. Additional investments are on the way as everon draws up its next projects.
Projects include various strategic alliances with municipal governments, mobility service providers, online platform service providers, and so forth. One of the projects is a ‘smart charging cluster’ in the greater Seoul metropolitan area. A smart charging solution laboratory, EV engineering training center, EV repair and check-up shop, and 60 to 100 AC/DC chargers in a huge parking tower are a key feature of the plan. The project is expected to be implemented in mid-2022.
With its successful experience in the market, everon is also preparing to expand its business internationally beyond Korea.

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