Electric Scooters


[INQ. NO. 2205M05] PNH, Ltd. is currently professionally engaged in the manufacturing of electric scooters, electric bicycles, agricultural special vehicles, etc.

Two-wheeled Electric Scooter for Leisure (N1)
N1 is a three-wheeled scooter designed to be used for management and rental income projects such as amusement parks, tourist attractions, parks, theme parks, etc. It is a super-small electric scooter with a neat and cute design.
N1 increases consumer satisfaction with its vibrant colors. It is an efficient means of transportation in urban and tourist attractions. It is an electric scooter suitable for rainy weather. It can also be used as a means of promoting restaurants and cafes. Optimizing profit generation for rental businesses in tourist attractions and amusement parks is possible.
Killing two birds with one stone with eco-friendly and cost-effective N1 is possible. It performs maximum output (W) of 2,400(W) and runs maximum speed of 38(Km/h). It weighs just 480kg.

Three-wheeled Electric Scooter for Leisure & Agricultural Activities (N2)
N2 is a three-wheeled electric scooter for leisure & agricultural activities. It is suitable for persons who are required to engage quickly in village activities (head of the village or chairperson of the women’s council). It is simple to load farm equipment.
Electricity charging for N2 is possible in areas where there are no gas stations nearby and rice fields are the main background.
N2 is very productive in areas where traffic is inconvenient, and rural areas where there is a lot of movement.
N2 is a scooter with off-road bike-class performance that can be used on unpaved or rough terrain. Weighing 360kg, N2 performs maximum speed of 37km/h. It has maximum mileage of 40~60km. 

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