EV Chargers


[INQ. NO. 2205M11] Established in 2006, ModernTec Co., Ltd. is engaged in producing EV-chargers, providing EV-charging services, and manufacturing robot systems & machine tool control systems. ModernTec strives to lead the market based on its core values of “Technical Skills” and “Quality Control.”
According to the International Energy Agency, the number of EVs on the roads globally will surpass 125 million by 2030. This forecast creates demand and opportunities for the deployment of EVs.
ModernTec is developing innovative and effi cient charging devices for EVs.
ModernTec developed RACS (Robot Arm Charging System), a fully automated smart charging solution suitable for the charging systems that have become more sophisticated.

To meet the needs and demands of the growing numbers of EV users, ModernTec’s AC/DC chargers for EVs off er high performance, and low maintenance.
ModernTec off ers an eff ortless home-charging experience. Its modular design and simple interface make electric vehicle charging and installation easier than ever before.
The ModernTec 1.5-gen distributed charger delivers up to 240 or 360 kW of power.
ModernTec’s EV charging system is perfect for fast charging at on-the-go locations. Its secured and user-friendly design makes it suitable for any environment and electric car. Plus, with smart power management capabilities, you can operate multiple stations at a low-cost and in an energy-effi cient manner.
ModernTec 2-gen distributed charger adapts to your business needs thanks to its fl exible architecture that delivers up to 360kW and 480kW of power. Now you keep your customers coming back to your location by off ering ModernTec’s fi rst-class charging experience. Plus, you can also take advantage of smart charging features to maximize your charging operation revenue.

Generation and gender, and cable management are important issues for users and devices safety. The RACS system does not require people to be involved or precise parking. Two cameras analyze parking state and the car-inlet location and then be fully automated charging process. Via ISO 15118, ModernTec can match with EV protocol to make the inlet open and close as well as activate the plug-and-charge system.
ModernTec is advancing yet further by securing the capability to develop advanced technologies and improving the structure of the production environment.
The president of the company noted, “We are one step closer to becoming a trusted company that solves any diffi culties of customers together by utilizing our technology and experience. Moderntec can help you take advantage of the growing number of electric vehicles hitt ing the streets. Whether you operate a parking facility, multifamily residence, workplace, healthcare facility, educational institution, airport, or just about any other business, we will help you create an EV readiness program that drives you into the future.”

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