Marine & Industrial Valves

[INQ. NO. 2205M13] DAHEUNG ENG. CO., LTD. was established in 1999 under the name of KTOP VALVE.
DAHEUNG ENG. manufactures and supplies stainless valves, bronze valves, cast iron valves, cast steel valves, industrial valves, and various other special products at the request of buyers.
Most of its products are manufactured under the standard pressure specifications of JIS, KS, and ANSI, and it can customize its products to customers’ requests.

The company’s main products are: general valves (gate, globe, angle, and swing check), control valve (safety and butt erfl y), marine speed doppler log (gate valve and unit), tank ball valve (FCTV, GBBTV, 3-way, hose, and wafer type), air vent head; fl ap check; surface valve, quick closing valve (EM’CY shut-off valve), storm valve (vertical storm valve and angle storm valve), POD(pressure-operated distribution) valve, and so on.

DAHEUNG ENG. has a comprehensive manufacturing system ranging from casting, machining, assembling, and manufacturing patterns ranging from simple to professional molds, based on rich know-how and sophisticated design related to valve manufacturing.
“We will pursue bett er quality with constant technology development and efforts, and we plan to become a future-oriented top-tier company that understands and satisfies customers best,” said the CEO of DAEHUNG ENG. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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