Restaurant Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2205M14] Shin Starr Presents, a pioneer in restaurant equipment design, uses technology and artificial intelligence to prepare high-quality, gourmet food at lower costs and with increased consistency. Its autonomous kitchen technology assists in the preparation of authentic Korean recipes.
SPACE+ Technology™ is a spatial technology platform created by Shin Starr Presents. It improves the cooking process, food quality, and preparation effi ciency. SPACE+ uses its proprietary robotic and network technologies to create a fl awless autonomous kitchen and food preparation system.
The AutoWok can prepare a wide variety of menu items, including stir-fry, soups, and sauces. The AutoWok powers its ‘Cook-en-Route’ success. Since AutoWok’s launch in August 2020, company’s customers have greatly benefited from its advanced design and cooking features.

Notable highlights of the AutoWok include preprogrammable menus and cook settings, high efficiency induction heating system, auto-serving, and auto-cleaning features. Later this year, company plan to release its first mobility optimized SPACE+ cooking technology, the AutoWok 2.0, which will become the cornerstone for Shin Starr Presents’ Autonomous Mobile Kitchen. Shin Starr Presents is building the world’s first autonomous cook-enroute Korean BBQ and fried chicken truck powered by Space+ Technology™.
Gongdori Kitchen™, its first commercial restaurant brand, launched in the Gangnam district in Seoul, Korea, in Aug 2020. This location not only operates as a restaurant but also an antenna shop where the company’s proprietary autonomous kitchen technologies and food (menus) are tested and validated.
MintPig™, its second commercial restaurant brand, launched at the central business district of Omokgyo in Seoul, Korea, in May 2021. MintPig is a delivery and take-out focused QSR brand which serves Boonsik – Korean soul food. Boonsik consists of three menu categories including stir-fry, deep-fry, and steam which is generally prepared through simple and repetitive cooking processes. MintPig incorporates Shin Starr Presents’ AutoWok and AutoFryer (to be installed in 2022) which autonomously cooks a variety of Boonsik menu items both effi ciently and effortlessly.
Gongdori Kitchen™ KBBQ Truck & JustMade ChickTruck™ are two, app-connected cook-en-route food truck brands that cook Korean BBQ and Korean-style fried chicken respectively while en-route to your desired delivery location. The food trucks will require only a single driver who will be responsible to drive the truck according to the set destination much like your ride-sharing transportation services. Order allocation and all cooking processes are autonomously carried out by the mobility optimized SPACE+ kitchen system installed on the truck. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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