AI Electrically Controlled Fitness Cable Machine

[INQ. NO. 2206M01] Miniplus is an AI electrically controlled fitness cable machine that can measure muscle function and train utilizing the motor load resistance.
Unlike other fitness machines that have limited exercise directions, Miniplus can implement various movement patterns enabling both resistance training and functional training necessary to improve muscular strength.
Different exercise modes can be applied according to the exercise purposes, which is effective for improving sports-specific performance and in injury rehabilitation. It is possible to perform sports-specific training for professional athletes, and rehabilitation exercises for patients with five different exercise modes, namely: eccentric, isokinetic, spring, damping, and vibration modes.
Miniplus is currently registered as a patent for electrically controlled fitness cable machines, complex fitness machines capable of various exercises, a small cable machine with the motor load method, and an indoor exercise machine for design.
Ronfic is a company that researches and produces AI training machines based on robotics technology working with robotics engineers and exercise experts. Ronfic has also completed one U.S. and seven domestic registrations for the main technologies such as digital exercise loads and complex machine structures. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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