Low-Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer


[INQ. NO. 2206M02] Human Meditek Co., Ltd. was the second company in the world to develop low-temperature plasma sterilizers, in 2003, and has become a leading company in the global plasma-sterilization market based on 20 years of accumulated manufacturing, sales, and operational know-how.
Human Meditek also has a global reputation as the most stable and efficient low-temperature plasma sterilizer manufacturer in existence, and will introduce two HMA low-temperature plasma sterilizers and cassette-type autoclaves as new launching items in addition to the existing HMTS series.

Human Meditek’s new product, HMA, is available in two models with 30-liter and 55-liter capacity, respectively. With its compact size and competitive cost, HMA has various applications, from general hospitals to small-size clinics.
As a result, the lineup of Human Meditek’s low-temperature plasma sterilizers has been diversified from small- to large-capacity, and Human Meditek is now preparing for more aggressive marketing by turning its previous overseas sales strategy toward Korea.

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